Factories are not considered a beautiful place, and usually, we think of factories as a place with a lot of machine noise and black smoke and what not. But when it comes to the beauty of a factory then there are a lot of things which can be done. The beauty of a factory can include the environment both inside and outside, the design both exterior and interior, the cleanliness, the dress code, the balance between human and machine. All these things made a good and beautiful factory and based on these things here is the list of most beautiful factories in the world.

Volkswagen Factory, Germany

Volkswagen Factory, Germany

This factory of Volkswagen is completely covered with transparent glass instead of concrete walls. The factory is made such that every person can see all the working going on inside, this shows that the company believes in transparency.  Even people can visit the factory and some executives also give a complete tour of the factory. It’s one of the most beautiful factories in the world.

GreenHouse Facility, Holand, USA

The main idea of making this factory is to bring a working environment and fit into natural habitat without disturbing the nature. This was achieved by making most of the factory through glass panels because of which most of the daylight comes in just like it would be in any park. The factory is full of greenery and working environment is very refreshing and close to nature. Even the hallway is also a street which connects to all the rooms in the factory and it makes it even more natural working place, rather than artificially designed by humans.

BMW Central Building Germany


BMW chose to go with the old concept rather than following the new trend of making factories as close to nature as much possible. Instead, this factory is made with completely new design and the corporate office, and the factory is made in the same building. This way everyone has a sense of unity while working. The corporate office is at the top levels, and the factory process goes in the lower levels. The design of the factory is made such that the employees at the can see what’s going on at the bottom due to the glass floors. Most of the floors in this factory are made of glass.

McLaren Technology Centre, UK

This facility is so big that is can incorporate nine Boeing 747 jumbo jets in it and it’s not the only thing that’s worth talking about it. This facility has both the business office and the factory facility although factory was incorporated later on and the facility was doubled in size for that. The facility is made along the edge of a lake, and it gives it a beautiful layout. The height of the building is kept small so that the view of people won’t get hampered and they can still see trees on the other side.

According to us, these are the best and the most beautiful factories to work in. Kindly comment below if you know of another beautiful factory that deserves a spot on this list.

Also in the next post, we will discuss the best of a highly requested topic i.e. automation. So stay tuned for that.


There are a lot of kitchen appliances we use nowadays. Every passing day we are getting new appliances for various works in the kitchen, and as soon as you get a new appliance, there is a new model of that same appliance. The technology is one of the primary reasons behind these fast developments and current day state you can have your complete kitchen filled with appliances. From mixing to cooking and to washing, everything is done by one or the other appliance. Now let’s talk about how these kitchen appliances are made in a factory.

Appliance Manufactring

Now every kitchen appliance whether a mixer, juicer, hand blender, dishwasher or any other, all these have different methods to be built. Since each appliance uses different parts and all those parts are of different size so no two appliances can be made the same way. Due to this, we’ll tell you how an appliance is generally made in a factory.

  1. So most kitchen appliances have plastic out casing, and that is one thing which we see first, but it is made almost in second last stages.
  2. First, comes the inner parts of an appliance. If we talk about a mixer, then the motor is going to be the first thing which is made in the first place then only anything else. Now that motor is made with good coil and other metallic parts so that it can withstand the heat which will produce during its high-speed rotation.
  3. After that, a speed controller is made which helps in turning the mixer on at different speeds. Then outer casing of the mixer is made which is made of high-quality polycarbonate material which isolates electricity. This prevents people from getting electric shocks while using it. After this rubber seals are attached manually so that every part gets fixed at its place and no vibrations are there while the motor is turned on.An interesting story of a kitchen appliance is a stand mixer. Kitchenaid, the leading manufacturer in the United States, had a terrible incidence in 2006, where around 100 units of their premium model commonly known as kitchenaid Professional 600, were shipped without undergoing the ‘electric shock’ test. Due to this around ten customers had to deal with injuries after use. The company was sued, and settlement money was paid to all of them.
  4. Now if we talk about the jar or mixer then it is made with high-quality plastic and most of the time it is made transparent so that people can look at the working of blades. These jars are made using machines which spill liquid plastic over a mold and then it is made cold. After that, the mold is separated from plastic, and we get the jar. The mold usually has some markings of measurement and these markings also get’s printed on the jar.

The blades are made with melting metal alloy and forming them into the correct shape. Then the strips go through various solutions and chemicals to make them strong. After that, those are polished and sharpened and again polished. Finally, everything is assembled (mostly by hands). The blade gets fitted in the jar, and the motor part is assembled in a separate casing. That helps to take out the jar to wash and for another purpose.

Most of the kitchen appliances are made in this general way. But still, every appliance has its specific way which a company always follow to make the best product.

If you wish to know about a specific appliance, then comment below, and we will try to give information on a future post.