Hey Everyone,

This is Anita and I have worked in factories around the world. I started my career in my hometown of Budapest where I worked in Car Factory. Since then, I have moved around the world and worked in different factories.

My Husband Clicked this while I was working
My Husband Clicked this while I was working

Now I am retired and live in New York, with my husband. Working in factories was a very major part of my life and there is so much information that I think I can share with the world. My grandson, Dave, taught me some basic stuff through WordPress and I decided to start this website.

I will be sharing lot’s of content related to manufacturing and also share my insights on where I think the ‘factory world’ is heading.

If you need any advice you can mail me on admin@humblefactory.com and I would be glad to assist you.

I would appreciate if y’all share your views on my posts as I would like to have an engaging experience on this website.